THE IMA NADE FESTIVAL in Slavonski Brod, Croatia, (Proclaim’s first large public ministry event in several months!) is a GO after much prayer and moving forward in faith.  Team members traveling from Germany and the US are joining with Croatian brothers and sisters for a week of declaring the good news through live streamed events from a local church and live  outdoor evening street concerts. This is a perfect time for the message of hope!

Please pray:
– for safety in travel and ministry
– for team unity
– for speakers, musicians, volunteers
– for people with hearts open to the Word of Hope

Proclaim Ima Nade Director Banko says:
Circumstances say:  Don’t!  But our assurance from the Almighty is: Go boldly forward! 

IDEMO!  . . .  Let’s go!

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Sing to the LORD, bless His name; Proclaim good tidings of His salvation from day to day.
Tell of His glory among the nations, His wonderful deeds among all the peoples. Psalm 96:2-3

YES! We are celebrating with a LIVE concert at the Jacksonville Gala, marking 20 years of God’s call and blessing. Local friends are invited to make reservations to join us in person, and all are welcome to celebrate with us through livestream. Please join us live or online to experience the excellent talent and creativity that God has been bringing to Proclaim to use for His kingdom.

Live Performances by Three Proclaim Bands

Proclaim Jazz
Featuring world renowned performing artists
Gregory Tardy, Tom Richeson, Mark Boling, John Hamar

Southern Cross Bluegrass
Florida musicians taking Americana international

 Soul Tattoo
Proclaims International band from Germany



Dessert and Coffee will be served

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Proclaim’s ministry goes far beyond musicians and concerts. Current ministries will be highlighted through video updates and we will share news of how God is leading Proclaim into the near future, including announcing the opening of a new ministry center here in the United States.

What We are Celebrating

On September 1st 2000 we launched a new mission organization – Proclaim! International. Building on a previous 29 years of experience focused on Europe as our area of service, we became convinced that God was asking us to enlarge our borders – to go to anyplace He asked us to go…. And we have done just that. Those verses from Psalm 96 really capture our central focus – Singing to the Lord and proclaiming salvation to the nations.

In the past twenty years our staff and teams have been on every continent (except Antarctica) aiding believers by finding bold and creative ways of proclaiming good tidings of His salvation. Through performance arts, media arts, personal evangelism, teaching, and humanitarian projects, we have helped hundreds of local churches and ministries reach their communities.

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Proclaim!-Peru’s La Taba mime ministry worked in Greece alongside an organization Proclaim! has partnered with on several occasions.

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We Triple Teamed the Junin region of Peru  — a new area for our Proclaim!-Peru Director Rino Beretta who organized and led the evangelism teams. 

If you Google the 15 best things to do in Junin Province you will see 15 things these teams  did not do! But all the teams agreed that it was a fantastic experience and a very worthwhile investment. These small churches put so much into it and were so appreciative of the partnership. They were rewarded with new believers and interested contacts, and were eager to meet the challenge of more effectively reaching unbelievers.

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Proclaim! Germany headed up an ambitious project in Hungary partnering with a local church that has a heart for reaching Roma (Gypsy) villages. Read more

God is at work in places you won’t really hear about on our website. Proclaim has the privilege of continuing to do ministry where biblical churches are illegal, public evangelism is forbidden, and Christians are punished for their belief. But God is still opening doors for meeting felt needs, developing contacts and deep relationships, and even publicly giving truth and hope in unconventional ways.

It is a formidable amount of work, logistical effort, and financial expense for our ministry and for our friends in the places where we do this type of ministry. Is it worth it? Wrong question. Is HE worth it? Absolutely. We have amazing opportunities and see fruit. Please don’t forget about these places that are needy but cannot be as publicly visible.

The first question we usually get about this tour is — “Why would you go to Belarus in February — again — during one of coldest winters on record in Europe?”  Sure — we would love to enjoy this beautiful country sometime in more pleasant weather. But more importantly, this timing is strategic for helping our partner ministry there in a major annual event that is significant in their connection with young people and the community.

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