Music Camp in Hungary

Proclaim! Germany headed up an ambitious project in Hungary partnering with a local church that has a heart for reaching Roma (Gypsy) villages.The main event was a Music Camp that welcomed young people from a nearby Roma village for building relationships in a music training setting. This required some creativity as very few of the youth have actual musical instruments. Other activities using sports or crafts attracted those who were not part of the music program.

All this activity was to support the central purpose of the experience — a daily time of spiritual focus and interacting. Truth was shared each day through music of the band Mercy Street, made up of team members, through teaching, and a personal touch, as a team members shared how God changed them.

The vision for this project was to build relationship and trust with families and increase openness to further interaction with this church through events in their villages. We consider it a valuable investment of our efforts to support and further the work of committed local churches around the world.