So, you didn’t make it to the Proclaim Gala this year?
Here’s a chance to see what all the excitement was about.
If you missed it the first time around please join us for a
quick glimpse through this virtual Gala experience.

Photos: Jeff Westcott Photography

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This captures experiences and impressions on a 2011 tour through the eyes of the sound tech David Cook who is now with the Proclaim tour in Croatia and Bosnia —



Proclaim tour live
produced by Alex Sims




From this . . . 

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Thanks to all the generous donors who made this possible. In less than one week $5000 came in and we were able replace the 1000 lbs of equipment you see above with individual units —  a total of 36 lbs that fits in a suitcase!  Now the system is on its way to be used for the first time by the band Soul Tattoo going on tour to Croatia and Bosnia. Click on this link to meet the band and hear some of the music:



Proclaim!’s newest band on their 1st tour delivered a powerful message — leaving an indelible mark on hearts — in city squares, cultural centers, a jazz club, and a prison in Croatia and Bosnia. This multinational group, including the five-member band and a big support team of sound and video techs and set up crew, brought together motivated proclaimers from seven countries.

The band based in Kandern, Germany, worked hard to prepare an excellent presentation with a clear message, and believers in the churches in Croatia did their part in making the most of the opportunity by spreading the word.

Check out the band on their profile at Reverbnation to meet the band members, hear a couple of their tunes and see the tour schedule:

See photos of the tour on Proclaim’s Facebook page:


Carey Holmquist and Proclaim ministry partners with Spasenie, from Belarus, recently returned from a rewarding 10-day tour in Greece with 16 events including 2 TV interviews.

The tour took them to these locations, in most of which multiple events were scheduled:
• Northern region: Thessalonika, Alexandroupoli, Katerini
• Southern region: Corinth, Athens, Greek Bible Institute

Their ministry to a variety of nationalities — including Greek, Russian, Ukrainian, Moldavian, American, and even some from closed countries — was met with a warm response from all ages and every cultural group. It is encouraging that every sponsor asked them to return.

Following the tour the team was able to speak with some church leaders on a deeper level, resulting in an invitation to return next year to do leadership and ministry development training in addition to the concerts. Their vision is to include leaders from several other countries to benefit from the training.

In the meantime, some of the leaders in the Greek churches have been invited to visit Spasenie in Belarus to participate in some of their activities early next year.

We love to see cross-cultural relationships like this flourish! Please pray with us for God’s direction in future ministry opportunities in Greece.