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God answered prayer! Our entire team met weekly for over a month before the Gala for prayer, planning, updating, and encouragement.  Board members invited many guests and helped with planning, and one member took the event photos you see here.
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Staff members all helped with various aspects of the evening, under the leadership of Patty Sullivan who coordinated the event.
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We were concerned about the lower than usual number of guests signed up as the date approached, but prayed that God would be glorified and the evening would be a blessing to those who came.
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From all we experienced and heard from others, it is evident that God answered. We made every effort to get an on-time start, and even with a shorter than optimal set up time everything was ready to go right on the dot.

We were thrilled that table hosts and guests took their commitments seriously and almost all of the people who had registered were actually there! And thanks to a few additional guests, every place was filled. That was a specific prayer request and God answered decisively.

The program went very well. Everyone loved the performance of the Switzerland Dance School team! Even some problems with the rented stage did not phase the girls who dealt with the conditions that couldn’t be changed like the professionals (and servants) they are.
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They did an amazing job of demonstrating how effective this kind of approach is in ministry with their performance that included samples of pieces they used last year with Proclaim in Peru.
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The dance team’s involvement and other aspects of Proclaim’s ministry were well communicated by Proclaim Co-director John Bowers, Dance Company Director Stacey Dumdei, and Proclaim Latin America Ministry Coordinator Kim Peterson. And an excellent video production by Russ and Marj Speiser explained the satellite broadcast ministry into North Africa and the Middle East that they head.

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web china screenMany of the guests had seen the Chinese orchestra Proclaim brought to the US in March to perform at university and cultural events, including 3 venues in Jacksonville. We were excited to be able to share followup stories indicating changes spiritually in a couple of their members since their time here.

As for contributions . . . besides all the other profitable aspects of the evening, we were blessed to receive financial gifts and pledges greater than the amount that we received last year when we had a significantly higher attendance.

We trust that God is continuing to use the Gala in people’s lives. And please continue to pray for additional finances for Proclaim as ministry opportunities abound. If you are able to add to the funds for these ministries, you can donate at the secure link below:

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Photos by Jeff Westcott Photography

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