January 25-February 2 Proclaim members Kim Peterson and Jeff Aslesen return to the Island of Hispañola and the Dominican Republic where Columbus first set foot in the New World. They will work with believers there to help people place their faith’s footing on the Rock of Ages and discover the New Life.


Kim says:

This is the Carnaval season in the D.R. a dark, dangerous and disappointing time where people look for what they long for in places where their needs can’t be satisfied. We will spend this week in La Vega, Dominican Republic, reaching out to seekers and rallying Christians to join the rescue party. We will be calling out through music and the Word to invite people to eat the only True Bread that satisfies. From Monday to Saturday we’ll be in churches, on the street, and in a jazz club. On Sunday we participate in the kick-off event of Unidos Por El (United By Him). This is the first event of an entire month of February activities sponsored by UPE which offer Living Water to the thirsty of LaVega, D.R.


Here is one of the songs in Spanish that Kim wrote for this outreach:

Lyrics in English:

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