The church in Mackovec, Croatia, home of Ima Nade-Proclaim ministry, was already filled to capacity when we first were introduced and began what has become a ministry partnership of over 30 years. During these years the church has adapted the facilities, started other churches, and just enjoyed close fellowship, as they faithfully continued to build the true church, the body of believers, and tirelessly reached out to the lost in their local community and far beyond. They never let the limited resources hold them back, but never lost the vision of one day having a building that could facilitate even more growth and capacity for ministry to those outside.

After years of planning, praying, and patiently waiting for God’s timing, property and administrative issues were resolved and the church broke ground for their new building in February 2016.

Since then, God has blessed with provision and significant progress through the work and sacrifice of believers in the body. The construction goal for the first year was met ahead of schedule with the building completely enclosed!

Needed to meet the goal for this year: Givers and Workers!

  • $70,000 will be needed to meet the payment schedule for the roof contractor.
  • Projects inside the building (dry wall, tile, carpeting …) are planned for local volunteers or work teams: Specifically – teams from the US who can finance their trip to do the work on various projects.

Branko Kovačević, Ima Nade Director, and Proclaim! International CoDirector says:

The church is ready for a big step forward. God has provided what we needed to begin, and we know that He will fulfill our needs according to the riches of His glory. We ask you to join with us in this project. Please pray for us, and help financially if you can.

For more information see church website   or email Branko:   [email protected]

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