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This CD from the studios of Proclaim is chock full of fresh tunes declaring the goodness of God and what it means to live for Him in an age of intellectual doubters.  The project was produced by guitarist/songwriter John Bowers and engineered by bassist/vocalist, Greg Davis, and saxophonist/vocalist Kim Peterson, with recurring rolls from a plethora of other “proclaimers.”  If you like music with a mix of Rock, Blues and Jazz with tight vocals and a hot horn section, this album is for you.

The production of high quality recordings of our Proclaim music groups is very important to our ministry for a number of reasons.  First of all, we are a community of artists dedicated to glorifying God through artistic excellence. This is something we are striving to model before young musicians worldwide.  Secondly, excellent recordings of our music helps to open doors for the believers in other countries who are trying to procure the most strategic venues for people to gather to hear the gospel.  Thirdly, concert attendees who take the music home with them have a tangible means of remembering the message of God’s redeeming love which is presented in each concert.

Mercy Street - Next Exit

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