Proclaim! concert featuring Johnny B and the “Jazz Badgers”???

We are going to have a great evening, Friday October 4th at 7 pm, at Christian Family Chapel, performing a wide variety of music showcasing the extensive range of our Proclaim staff and guest musicians. Featured will be music from our upcoming tour to Asia.

On the tour next month we will be doing classical numbers and teaching “master’s classes” in universities. Kim Peterson, Jim Jenkins, Todd Smalley and Shirley Elliot will perform music in keeping with their studies as legitimate instrumentalists.

A jazz concert on the same tour will feature a range of styles by the “greats” of the jazz world plus original music we have written. It will play like a history of jazz.

And if we have not hit on a genre you appreciate yet, John and Diana will be performing several numbers representing four decades of John’s songs in country, bluegrass, contemporary and blues styles.

Come for a super evening of music, come to be encouraged by what God is doing, and come to encourage us by your presence!

AND if all that weren’t enough, October 4th just happens to be John’s birthday – so if for no other reason, come celebrate another year of his survival.

Your can respond here to our Facebook invitation

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