1. You Will Satisfy
  2. Ready
  3. I am Yours Jesus
  4. The Truth of You
  5. Su Pueblo
  6. What Kind of Man
  7. Made to Praise
  8. Here We Are
  9. The Everlasting Way
  10. You are a Shield
  11. You are Everything
  12. You Won
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Taking the word of hope to those in society who are hopeless sometimes means boldly taking the stage in the market place of ideas; other times it takes the path of walking with people in the corridors of their private prisons.

Proclaim missionaries Marvin and Lisa Klein have just returned to France where Marv will serve local churches and reach out to communities through a ministry called Celebrate  Recovery — providing hope of release through Christ for those struggling with behaviors that damage the person or their relationships. During the past year he has given leadership in launching Celebrate Recovery in a local church in the US Northwest where they have been based for home ministry. Now other leaders are in place to carry on that work as Kleins return to Europe. We are encouraged about the potential of this ministry as the French language materials Marv has developed can be used as a resource in other French-speaking regions like Haiti and Africa.

Marv and Lisa will also be involved with a TV channel which broadcasts Christian television via satellite around the Mediterranean, targeting North Africans. Marv is helping establish the US office for that organization, and Lisa will edit video for their broadcasts. We are grateful to have Marv and Lisa with us in Proclaim adding new dimensions in surprising people with the gospel.

See a perspective on the value of Celebrate Recovery this past year in the US through the Kleins’ ministry.