A message from leaders Igor and Pasha as the refugee crisis was hitting

Less than two weeks into the invasion of Ukraine, Poland had received over 1 million refugees from Ukraine, Belarus, and even Russia – more than any other country.  And thousands arrive daily. Once again, God had positioned Proclaim for specific ministry long before we had any idea what was coming: Three years ago Proclaim set up a non-profit organization in Poland to facilitate the ministry of our team in Belarus, and some members have moved there and are getting established. Now they are being called on to provide relief ministry, as many people who know them all over the Russian speaking world come to them for help.

The needs are overwhelming and increasing. They are asking for prayer and for financial help as their ministry has taken on a demanding new dimension. We are grateful for many who have already stepped up to contribute in a big way. We are thankful for prayers on behalf of this team and the people who are coming to them with physical and spiritual needs.