One of last year's X-star bands

In the city of Brest Los Vecinos band has been involved in the X-star music festival with some of the band members judging the festival contest. This competition of local youth bands, with the winner being featured in a final concert, is a major bridge building event put on by our partner ministry.

See a local news report on this year’s festival with photos of winning musicians and Los Vecinos performing in the final concert:  X-star Festival 2012.

Los Vecinos goes on to Minsk March 1 for final outreach events there. Please pray for good ministry opportunities and for endurance and good health for the tour members these last few days of the tour:

Mar 1 Travel to Minsk
Public concert
Mar 2 Public concert
Mar 3 Church concert
Mar 4 Church service  (morning)
Mar 5 Travel home


The first question we usually get about this tour is — “Why would you go to Belarus in February — again — during one of coldest winters on record in Europe?”  Sure — we would love to enjoy this beautiful country sometime in more pleasant weather. But more importantly, this timing is strategic for helping our partner ministry there in a major annual event that is significant in their connection with young people and the community.

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Rino Beretta and mime team from Proclaim! Peru will be in Jacksonville in April for our Gala fundraiser and ministry in the area — but they’ll never make it this way.

You can help us get the mime team here by donating miles to Proclaim’s Delta account or making a cash donation to help with airfare. Contact the Proclaim office for information on donating mileage: [email protected]