There is an inexhaustible supply of wonder at the coming of God-in-the-flesh to redeem fallen humanity. There is an understated majesty of humility in that the Lord of hosts should make, by human measure, a shabby and threadbare entrance onto the world stage. The people of the earth are desperate for the trappings of grandeur and the comfort of riches.  Human leaders want to surround themselves with props which bolster their  desire to appear powerful and significant: the decorations of vanity.

God needs no such empty posturing. The son of man came as a human baby born to a poor family in an insignificant village to be the savior of all mankind, not just for those of society blessed. He came in the most commonly plain way imaginable. Torn cloth strips for clothing, a borrowed feeding trough for his bed, lowly shepherds as witnesses. The plan of God, the heart of the Father of lights was for the redeemer to arrive quietly unadorned by the trappings of wealth and power.  When human kings arrive on the scene they demand esteem, acquiescence and subservience . . . but the King of glory did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.

Gratefully and humbly we serve this King, and desire that all would come to worship Him.

John Bowers

We are delighted to welcome Carey and Holly Holmquist to Proclaim! International. Their missions career of 31 years to date started with a short term commitment for each of them as single missionaries — Holly in Italy and Carey in Sweden. Together they have served  with Greater Europe Mission in Sweden, Belgium and Germany.

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