Leah Heinemann is a Proclaim Associate in Dallas, a visual artist developing the ministry Fellow Artists Reaching Out. Leah and her husband Mark lived for many years in Germany raising their family, ministering in a theological seminary, and touching lives in their community. Now based in the USA Leah teaches art in public school, and through Fellow Artists Reaching Out she encourages Christian artists to use their God-given gifts for His kingdom.  But her heart is never far from those ladies in Germany that she poured herself into teaching evangelistic aerobics classes and sharing her artistic gifts and herself.

As often as possible Leah finds a way to get back and continue pursuing or encouraging ladies she has known in Germany, or even to go to other countries where there is great need for God’s love and truth to be revealed. Speaking to women’s groups, teaching art classes, setting up her easel in the city plaza — her art opens doors and her heart communicates God’s love.

Last summer Leah created this painting to use as an illustration as she had opportunities in Germany to speak on John 15:5, following up with women she has ministered to in the past and making new contacts.

I am the Vine and you are the branches. He who abides in Me and I in him, he bears much fruit, for without Me you can do nothing.



At our recent Proclaim! fund raising Gala evening guests were challenged to Fuel the Fire and Fan the Flame of God’s work through Proclaim!

Our Latin band Los Vecinos, from their recent tour in Belarus, and our Proclaim!-Peru mime team demonstrated the power of the arts to surprise people with the gospel. 












We are thankful that our desire was fulfilled to have new people as well as long-time supporters join in the evening. Even many who know Proclaim well had no idea of the extent and diversity of the work Proclaim is involved in throughout the world.



Our audience got a glimpse of a few of these Proclaim! pursuits, as Co-Director John Bowers shared five snapshots of Proclaim ministries through live interviews and photo illustrated stories.

We thank God that as many caught the vision, over half of our $80,000 financial goal for the event was met. $43,000 has already been given or pledged, but a significant need remains for funding our ministry commitments for this year.


Please consider making a donation at the link below to help meet the goal. Or contact the Proclaim office [email protected] about making monthly donations for the remainder of the year. Thank you for helping Fuel the Fire and Fan the Flame!

Gala photos by Jeff Westcott: http://jeffwestcottphotography.com/