Taking the word of hope to those in society who are hopeless sometimes means boldly taking the stage in the market place of ideas; other times it takes the path of walking with people in the corridors of their private prisons.

Proclaim missionaries Marvin and Lisa Klein have just returned to France where Marv will serve local churches and reach out to communities through a ministry called Celebrate  Recovery — providing hope of release through Christ for those struggling with behaviors that damage the person or their relationships. During the past year he has given leadership in launching Celebrate Recovery in a local church in the US Northwest where they have been based for home ministry. Now other leaders are in place to carry on that work as Kleins return to Europe. We are encouraged about the potential of this ministry as the French language materials Marv has developed can be used as a resource in other French-speaking regions like Haiti and Africa.

Marv and Lisa will also be involved with a TV channel which broadcasts Christian television via satellite around the Mediterranean, targeting North Africans. Marv is helping establish the US office for that organization, and Lisa will edit video for their broadcasts. We are grateful to have Marv and Lisa with us in Proclaim adding new dimensions in surprising people with the gospel.

See a perspective on the value of Celebrate Recovery this past year in the US through the Kleins’ ministry. 

Proclaim 2012 Gala video
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Hi Croatia – Soul Tattoo is Coming!
Proclaim! Tour in Greece – Spasenie
Art with Heart – Leah Heinemann
Proclaim! International Gala in Jacksonville
Belarus Tour Photos – Los Vecinos
Los Vecinos Band in Belarus
8th Annual Mission Conference in Croatia
Welcome Carey and Holly Holmquist
Greg and Becky Davis in Germany

So, you didn’t make it to the Proclaim Gala this year?
Here’s a chance to see what all the excitement was about.
If you missed it the first time around please join us for a
quick glimpse through this virtual Gala experience.

Photos: Jeff Westcott Photography

[stream base=x:/www.proclaiminternational.com/wp-content/uploads/video_uploads flv=virtual-gala.360p.flv img=x:/www.proclaiminternational.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/web-table-w-program-.jpg hd=virtual-gala.flv mp4=virtual-gala.iPhone.m4v embed=false share=false width=640 height=360 dock=true controlbar=over bandwidth=high title=Virtual Gala 2012 autostart=false /]

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This captures experiences and impressions on a 2011 tour through the eyes of the sound tech David Cook who is now with the Proclaim tour in Croatia and Bosnia —



Proclaim tour live
produced by Alex Sims




From this . . . 

To this . . . 

Thanks to all the generous donors who made this possible. In less than one week $5000 came in and we were able replace the 1000 lbs of equipment you see above with individual units —  a total of 36 lbs that fits in a suitcase!  Now the system is on its way to be used for the first time by the band Soul Tattoo going on tour to Croatia and Bosnia. Click on this link to meet the band and hear some of the music: http://www.reverbnation.com/soultattooeu



Proclaim!’s newest band on their 1st tour delivered a powerful message — leaving an indelible mark on hearts — in city squares, cultural centers, a jazz club, and a prison in Croatia and Bosnia. This multinational group, including the five-member band and a big support team of sound and video techs and set up crew, brought together motivated proclaimers from seven countries.

The band based in Kandern, Germany, worked hard to prepare an excellent presentation with a clear message, and believers in the churches in Croatia did their part in making the most of the opportunity by spreading the word.

Check out the band on their profile at Reverbnation to meet the band members, hear a couple of their tunes and see the tour schedule:


See photos of the tour on Proclaim’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.384105901638783.77017.113784272004282&type=3


Carey Holmquist and Proclaim ministry partners with Spasenie, from Belarus, recently returned from a rewarding 10-day tour in Greece with 16 events including 2 TV interviews.

The tour took them to these locations, in most of which multiple events were scheduled:
• Northern region: Thessalonika, Alexandroupoli, Katerini
• Southern region: Corinth, Athens, Greek Bible Institute

Their ministry to a variety of nationalities — including Greek, Russian, Ukrainian, Moldavian, American, and even some from closed countries — was met with a warm response from all ages and every cultural group. It is encouraging that every sponsor asked them to return.

Following the tour the team was able to speak with some church leaders on a deeper level, resulting in an invitation to return next year to do leadership and ministry development training in addition to the concerts. Their vision is to include leaders from several other countries to benefit from the training.

In the meantime, some of the leaders in the Greek churches have been invited to visit Spasenie in Belarus to participate in some of their activities early next year.

We love to see cross-cultural relationships like this flourish! Please pray with us for God’s direction in future ministry opportunities in Greece.

Leah Heinemann is a Proclaim Associate in Dallas, a visual artist developing the ministry Fellow Artists Reaching Out. Leah and her husband Mark lived for many years in Germany raising their family, ministering in a theological seminary, and touching lives in their community. Now based in the USA Leah teaches art in public school, and through Fellow Artists Reaching Out she encourages Christian artists to use their God-given gifts for His kingdom.  But her heart is never far from those ladies in Germany that she poured herself into teaching evangelistic aerobics classes and sharing her artistic gifts and herself.

As often as possible Leah finds a way to get back and continue pursuing or encouraging ladies she has known in Germany, or even to go to other countries where there is great need for God’s love and truth to be revealed. Speaking to women’s groups, teaching art classes, setting up her easel in the city plaza — her art opens doors and her heart communicates God’s love.

Last summer Leah created this painting to use as an illustration as she had opportunities in Germany to speak on John 15:5, following up with women she has ministered to in the past and making new contacts.

I am the Vine and you are the branches. He who abides in Me and I in him, he bears much fruit, for without Me you can do nothing.



At our recent Proclaim! fund raising Gala evening guests were challenged to Fuel the Fire and Fan the Flame of God’s work through Proclaim!

Our Latin band Los Vecinos, from their recent tour in Belarus, and our Proclaim!-Peru mime team demonstrated the power of the arts to surprise people with the gospel. 












We are thankful that our desire was fulfilled to have new people as well as long-time supporters join in the evening. Even many who know Proclaim well had no idea of the extent and diversity of the work Proclaim is involved in throughout the world.



Our audience got a glimpse of a few of these Proclaim! pursuits, as Co-Director John Bowers shared five snapshots of Proclaim ministries through live interviews and photo illustrated stories.

We thank God that as many caught the vision, over half of our $80,000 financial goal for the event was met. $43,000 has already been given or pledged, but a significant need remains for funding our ministry commitments for this year.


Please consider making a donation at the link below to help meet the goal. Or contact the Proclaim office [email protected] about making monthly donations for the remainder of the year. Thank you for helping Fuel the Fire and Fan the Flame!

Gala photos by Jeff Westcott: http://jeffwestcottphotography.com/



Song number 2 is fresh out of the mixing studio: I Am Yours Jesus. LISTEN TO IT NOW   Ten to go!

Just $1428 more in donations and the CD project budget will be met. The exciting conclusion draws near!

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Go to Proclaim! International on Facebook to see photos of Belarus tour life.


One of last year's X-star bands

In the city of Brest Los Vecinos band has been involved in the X-star music festival with some of the band members judging the festival contest. This competition of local youth bands, with the winner being featured in a final concert, is a major bridge building event put on by our partner ministry.

See a local news report on this year’s festival with photos of winning musicians and Los Vecinos performing in the final concert:  X-star Festival 2012.

Los Vecinos goes on to Minsk March 1 for final outreach events there. Please pray for good ministry opportunities and for endurance and good health for the tour members these last few days of the tour:

Mar 1 Travel to Minsk
Public concert
Mar 2 Public concert
Mar 3 Church concert
Mar 4 Church service  (morning)
Mar 5 Travel home


The first question we usually get about this tour is — “Why would you go to Belarus in February — again — during one of coldest winters on record in Europe?”  Sure — we would love to enjoy this beautiful country sometime in more pleasant weather. But more importantly, this timing is strategic for helping our partner ministry there in a major annual event that is significant in their connection with young people and the community.

Read more

Rino Beretta and mime team from Proclaim! Peru will be in Jacksonville in April for our Gala fundraiser and ministry in the area — but they’ll never make it this way.

You can help us get the mime team here by donating miles to Proclaim’s Delta account or making a cash donation to help with airfare. Contact the Proclaim office for information on donating mileage: [email protected]




Ima Nade Director Branko Kovacevic

January 19-21: The 8th annual mission conference for Proclaim!-Croatia / Ima Nade welcomed a record number of church members and their leaders from Croatia and surrounding countries.

Speakers for the weekend were Proclaim Co-director John Bowers and Stuart McAllister of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries.

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There is an inexhaustible supply of wonder at the coming of God-in-the-flesh to redeem fallen humanity. There is an understated majesty of humility in that the Lord of hosts should make, by human measure, a shabby and threadbare entrance onto the world stage. The people of the earth are desperate for the trappings of grandeur and the comfort of riches.  Human leaders want to surround themselves with props which bolster their  desire to appear powerful and significant: the decorations of vanity.

God needs no such empty posturing. The son of man came as a human baby born to a poor family in an insignificant village to be the savior of all mankind, not just for those of society blessed. He came in the most commonly plain way imaginable. Torn cloth strips for clothing, a borrowed feeding trough for his bed, lowly shepherds as witnesses. The plan of God, the heart of the Father of lights was for the redeemer to arrive quietly unadorned by the trappings of wealth and power.  When human kings arrive on the scene they demand esteem, acquiescence and subservience . . . but the King of glory did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.

Gratefully and humbly we serve this King, and desire that all would come to worship Him.

John Bowers

We are delighted to welcome Carey and Holly Holmquist to Proclaim! International. Their missions career of 31 years to date started with a short term commitment for each of them as single missionaries — Holly in Italy and Carey in Sweden. Together they have served  with Greater Europe Mission in Sweden, Belgium and Germany.

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GREG AND BECKY DAVIS  and family have returned to Germany for their second term with Proclaim. Now Greg is adding to his responsibilities serving in the recording studio of Janz Team and teaching in their newly formed music academy, SchallWerkStadt. This is a unique school offering practical training in music and the associative arts and intensive Bible courses to prepare young believers for future ministry and outreach through music.

Recently the audio students got practical training on an annual Advent tour in Germany helping with set up and assisting Greg who is the sound tech for the tour. In that process they also learned from experienced musicians who creatively communicated the significance of this Advent season. Greg says,  Danny weaves life stories into the performance and the message is clear: the reason we celebrate Christmas is because of Jesus.