Video Equipment Project

Proclaim’s technology needs are growing as we increasingly engage in evangelistic tours, recruiting trips, Proclaim conferences, and training seminars.  Most of these events require high-quality audio and video presentations.  Our video needs, specifically, require new, reliable and robust equipment.   

Equipment needed: 

  1. Two new laptop computers to interface with our sound system as well as to project audio and video presentations in a variety of settings.  These computers can also serve as reliable audio and video editing devices. 
  2. A video projector which can be used in venues that aren’t equipped for projection. 
  3. A video camera (and tripod) suitable for capturing and streaming live events, or to capture high quality video for evangelistic, recruiting, or support raising endeavors. 
  4. Assorted cables and connections for these components. 

 Our fundraising goal for these items is $8200.  If you would like to contribute to this A/V project, please click the link above, or scan this QR code with your phone.  Thank you!