PR CDs New WEB 1.15.2016 Proclaim! International as a community of missionaries has taken a historic step forward.

From the inception of Proclaim in 2000 we determined that we were going to be a mission led by missionaries, trusting the Holy Spirit in each other, and seeking God’s leading together. And what a time of blessing and growth we have had in the past 15 years under the leadership of our founding co-directors, John Bowers, Bob McIntyre, and Bob Johnson. New Proclaim national ministries have been established and are growing in Croatia, France, Germany, Peru, and Belarus, and new or ongoing partnerships for evangelism and training are increasing.

As we grow we are always looking for ways that God is leading us to adapt and advance the ministry as good stewards, and a critical aspect of that responsibility is preparing new leaders. Even well before Bob Johnson was promoted to heaven over three years ago, the Co-directors were actively planning strategies for developing new leadership.

Now after a lengthy process of prayer, discussion and discernment, with thankfulness we begin 2016 with four new Co-directors who have been decisively led by God, recommended by the International Council, and affirmed by the Proclaim Community. They represent the whole of the Community, come from four different national backgrounds, and are all experienced leaders in Proclaim. Each has a depth of understanding of our structure, values and ministries through service on the International Council and significant interaction with many of the Proclaim ministries.

Previous Co-directors Bob and John are not leaving or retiring, but continuing in leadership of Proclaim’s US ministries and involvement in other worldwide Proclaim efforts. In John’s words,

Bob and I are full of confident joy that we have come to this place at the right time. A time for the community to advance new leaders and for us to continue to serve as the Lord leads us in new roles and ministry responsibilities in Proclaim. So we have, as Bob Johnson used to say, expectant faith, as Proclaim! moves forward with our new Co-directors who will lead us in the years to come.